Balm Merry

Introducing my lip balm, but in a size that makes it more convenient to use all over.

Ingredients: CONTAINS NUT PRODUCT. Beeswax, Organic Almond oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Lavender  and Orange Essential Oils, Vitamin E (for preservative).

Use this product to stay away from stretch marks and itchy skin that comes along with the joys of mother-to-be hood.

With us entering Summer time, in lieu of sunscreen, I use this balm before and after a pool outing. It keeps my and my family’s skin hydrated and with the natural spf qualities of the coconut oil, and avocado (between spf 4-6), I find it’s just enough to keep us nice and protected.  (I also limit sun exposure and wear hats when necessary!)

Use it before bike rides to protect your not so delicate skin from the harshness of winter.

Use it on your baby’s perfect skin after a bath to give them the royal rub down treatment.

Use it on your baby’s bottom to steer clear from diaper rash (my son’s bum can testify to that one)

Use it for your lips.

Use it for your face, elbows, ears, bumps, bruises.

Get the point yet??

Get addicted!


After a nice long shower that quite possibly led into a nice bath, grab your tin of balm and dip your fingers into it. Play around with the amount, a little goes a long way, and plenty does the trick. The real trick though is to catch yourself right out of the shower when your body is wide open for a moisturizing product like so. If need be, sometimes I’ll rub the balm in between my palms to make it a little more applicable. Not to be redundant, BUT this stuff goes EVERYWHERE. I love it!